You are welcome to bring your bike with you on Lofotekspressen if you fancy getting off somewhere on the route for a bike trip.

Free transportation applies to:

  • police dogs travelling with paying police officers in uniform
  • guide dogs accompanying blind individuals
  • skis, which may be carried in the luggage compartment or inside the bus according to the driver’s instructions
  • children’s pushchairs, walker frames, wheelchairs
  • hand baggage and other baggage placed in the luggage compartment (up to 30 kg per passenger)


In the case of luggage, this applies if there is space on the bus. Children’s pushchairs may be taken on the bus and placed in the aisle or in the luggage compartment. Dogs and bikes travel for free on buses and hydrofoils. Bikes will be carried on buses if there is space/it is justifiable on safety grounds. Dogs may be carried provided there are no persons with dog allergies on board. It is at the driver’s discretion whether dogs may be carried, and if so, where the dog should be located. The driver will determine in each individual circumstance whether bikes may be carried on the bus, and if so, how many.


Baggage in excess of 30 kg is charged according to the following rates:

  • Baggage 30 - 50 kg, NOK 20
  • Baggage 51 - 70 kg, NOK 40
  • Baggage over 71 kg, NOK 60


Please get in touch with Boreal to make sure that you will be able to take everything you need to bring with you on board the bus. Telephone: 05 798 Email: