If you would like to see more than just Lofoten, Lofotekspressen covers many other places in Northern Norway. During the summer season, route 23-760 runs from Å to Narvik twice a day. Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the most spectacular bus trips you will ever take.

Route:  300   Total journey time:  7 hours 30 minutes   Number of departures:  Twice a day

Route: 300

Total journey time: 7 hours 30 minutes

Number of departures: Twice a day

The landscape between Svolvær and Narvik is so striking that you will wish the journey lasted longer. The local population recommend mandatory photo stops at Austerraumen and Vesterstraumen. Remember to have your camera ready!

If you choose to stay on board all the way to Narvik, just enjoy yourself. Narvik is an important town in Norway’s wartime history, and there still remain clear traces of the Battle of Narvik fought in 1940. The Germans invaded the town to secure the area’s imports of Swedish iron ore and to take control of the airport at Bardufoss. Much of the battle was at sea, and parts of wrecks in the fjord are still visible. After a tough battle, the Allies were victorious. If you take a look around the town, you can visit the war museum, which tells the story of how the Germans were defeated.

From Narvik, you can take the Ofoten Line to Northern Sweden, or you can fly from Evenes Airport to a range of destinations.