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Evy Jansen (60 years old), Stamsund

Evy is an incomer to Lofoten and has been driving buses in this island paradise since 2000. Over the years, she has acquired knowledge that would be the envy of any tour guide, and she is happy to share her top tips on how to spend time in Lofoten.

Fra vikingemuseet på Borg.  Foto: Terje Rakke www.nordnorge.com

Fra vikingemuseet på Borg.

Foto: Terje Rakke www.nordnorge.com

Where is your typical passenger going?
‘A lot of them want to visit the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg. It’s very popular in the summer, and easy to get to. The bus stops right outside the museum, so if you’re in Svolvær it’s easy to get there and back. And there are a lot of people heading to Kabelvåg. It’s home to the Lofoten Cathedral and the Lofoten Aquarium, which are both definitely worth a visit.’

What do you recommend people do when visiting Lofoten?
‘If they want to experience nature, there are countless hikes to be recommended. For instance, there’s an easy walk from Svolvær to Kabelvåg. There are several hiking groups that organise walks, but it’s also easy to do on your own. Another popular one is to stop at the tunnel just before Henningsvær and then take the old road over the mountain to the small fishing village.’

A lot of people talk about nature, but is there anything more urban going on?
‘There is a lot happening throughout Lofoten throughout the summer season. In Leknes, they hold the Countryfestival, and there are markets with a funfair and booths. During the Ballstaddagan festival, they put up tents and there’s dancing on the quayside. It’s always very pleasant.’

Food and drink are important elements of any holiday - where is best for this?
‘I recommend that people head to the Coop store in Leknes. They have a whole section for local food. You can get hold of herbs, meat and cheese produced in Lofoten, and it all tastes great.’

What is your favourite destination in Lofoten?
‘That has to be Henningsvær. You don't find anywhere like it anywhere else in the world. It’s so wonderful to wander through the narrow streets and drink in the atmosphere they’ve got there. Head to the gallery at Lofotens Hus and see the light show telling the story of the town. Drop into Fiskekroken for a delicious bowl of fish soup. And you have to head along the breakwater to get the very best photos. Sakrisøy is also fantastic, and can be reached by bus. It’s a tiny place, but you can visit the doll museum and the second hand store. If you’re worn out and hungry from walking around, you can get a great fish burger out there.

Foto: Kristian Nashoug / www.lofoten.info

Foto: Kristian Nashoug / www.lofoten.info