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Olav Kristoffersen (48 years old), Å in Lofoten

It’s no wonder that Olav Kristoffersen from Å is proud of his job. He gets told on a daily basis that he drives on the most beautiful route in the world. The journey between Å and Svolvær is so scenic that cameras are rarely left in peace on this route. Even the locals are impressed.

Utsikt til Flakstad. Foto: Kristin Folsland Olsen www.nordnorge.com

Utsikt til Flakstad.
Foto: Kristin Folsland Olsen www.nordnorge.com

‘If we have time, we stop where we can so that people can take photos. It’s important to give them a great experience and the opportunity to gather memories. If we don’t have time to stop, we just drive a little more slowly. I’ve often stopped at Rambergstranda beach to give people the chance to take photos. That’s always appreciated.’ 

What is the typical destination for one of your passengers? 
‘In the summer, there are a lot of people heading to Reine or Ramberg. They’re both popular destinations in Lofoten, and many people want to experience these very special places. Even though I grew up in Lofoten and have spent my entire life here, I think both of these places are magical and I recommend that everyone takes a trip there.’ 

What do passengers praise the most? 
‘Most people come because of the great outdoors, so we hear a lot about that. It’s really fun to drive from Svolvær towards Å, because we see people napping right until we start to get a bit further out west. Then they start taking photos and moving around the bus to get the best angles and views. It’s no use asking them to put their seatbelts back on. So we just have to drive carefully and make sure no one gets hurt.’ 

What do you think the most beautiful stop on the route is? 
‘Definitely Rambergstranda beach. On the last trip of the day, we get there at around 10 pm. If the weather plays ball, the sun is at the perfect point and many tourists have their first encounter with proper North Norwegian evening sunshine. We usually call the beach the CopacaRamberg, because it really is world class. From Hamnøya and on to Reine is great too - all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view. There’s not much that beats the landscape there.’ 

Are there any hidden gems in Lofoten you want to tell us about? 
‘I usually recommend everyone to head to Nusfjord. You can get there by turning off the E10 between Leknes and Ramberg. I actually have a cabin there and spend a lot of my spare time in the area. If you have the chance, go. You won’t regret it.’